Hydrodynamic approach on the kinetic theory of electron liquids and dynamic density functional theory

project description

Unlike the established static density functional theory the time-dependent version of this theory is inherently non-local. According to this the construction of the dynamic exchange-correlation-functional is a much more complex task. It is possible to simplify matters by considering the long wave limit of quasi-homogeneous systems. In this case the TDDFT for interacting many-body-Fermi-systems reduces to a combination of elasticity theory and hydrodynamics. This method's straight application is the calculation of collective excitations in an electron liquid, which are embedded in different quantum structures (quantum wells, quantum wires and quantum dots) or enclosed at metallic surfaces.


project data
project managementProf. Dr. Oleg Pankratov
participantsDr.Ilya Tokatly
keywordselectron liquids, hydrodynamic, dynamic density functional theory, exchange correlation kernel, collective excitations
duration2001-09-01 - 2003-09-01
sponsorsAlexander von Humboldt Foundation
contributing institutionsMoscow Institute of Electronic Technology
contactTelefon 09131/8528824
Fax 09131/8528833

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