SFB 292: project A5 (SiC)

project description

SiC is a semiconductor with a large bandgap, whose properties make it especially interesting for high-performance, high-temperature and high-frequency applications. In the scope of this research project we study the microscopic characteristics of this materials based on density functional theory. The main focus is put on the construction of a hierarchy of both intrinsic defects and defects with boron, which is frequently used for doping. Starting from this hierarchy a further analysis of diffusion mechanisms of individual atom sorts is possible. That provides for example a deeper understanding of the diffusion effects, that occur during the doping or the following annealing and which are able to destroy the implanted profiles.

project data
project managementProf. Dr. Oleg Pankratov
participantsDr.Michel Bockstedte, Dipl.-Phys. Alexander Mattausch, PD Dr. Roland Winkler
keywordsSiC,defects, diffusion
duration1998-01-01 - 2001-12-31
sponsorsGerman Research Foundation
contactphone +49 9131 8528824
fax +49 9131 8528833
e-mail: oleg.pankratov@physik.uni-erlangen.de

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